Business coaching

our experience at your service

At Arcadia Consulting, the missions can vary. They can be recurrent but also specific. This is why we put all our experience at the service of your company by organizing in-house training. These can have different themes: from global development to administrative matters related to export. Regardless of the size of your company and your teams, we offer tailor-made workshops.

Our goal: to give you all the keys to evolve.

support in business development

A company is faced with challenges but does not necessarily need general support. In this context, we offer specific coaching to help you develop your business on certain points. We take the time to listen to your needs and help you solve your problems. These are real one-off missions to respond to a very specific request. We then take care of bringing our solutions to your sales team.

export-specific administrative training

Expert workshops !

Exporting is a vast field and it is important not to get lost at the administrative level. Arcadia Consulting offers support but can also provide comprehensive training to your sales team. This then takes place in the form of a workshop. We bring in an expert in the field who comes to support your internal team, whatever its size. We make sure to train them in an optimal way in order to multiply their efficiency on the various international markets.

the services of an expert!

We are at your side to develop your business and manage all the administrative aspects.

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