Commercial development

Together towards your objective

Are you a young company or, on the contrary, a well-established company and you wish to develop your commercial activity in Belgium or abroad?

We support you towards your goals. Arcadia Consulting, through Emmanuel Baudinet, listens to you, immerses itself in your corporate culture and implements relevant strategies to achieve your goal.Do you need effective salespeople? We recruit and train them. Whatever your challenge, we have solutions.

Creation of a sales team

To develop a commercial activity, you must know how to sell your product or service. Who better than salespeople to meet such challenges? Depending on your objectives, Arcadia Consulting creates a tailor-made sales team, whether internal or external.

We take care of the recruitment procedure and define the profiles according to your needs. We then move on to selecting the relevant members in collaboration with the business leader. Our desire: efficiency. We help you select candidates who meet your objectives and we manage them to achieve them.

Sales team management

A good sales team is not limited to good profiles. Salespeople must have real monitoring of their work and, above all, follow clear objectives. We support you towards your goal by offering a multilingual management service available in different countries.

We take the time to listen to your desires and translate them into specific goals for your salespeople. We create a real sales process so that a lead ends up with a contract.

Monitoring and clear objectives

Our work does not stop there. A good sales team must be followed. This is why we hold regular meetings and ensure recurring contacts. It is together that we move forward effectively.


Trust us

Implementation of a commercial strategy

Having a business objective is not everything. You also have to know how to achieve it. Arcadia Consulting makes every effort to accurately assess the coveted market. A real study must be carried out to achieve a turnover or develop its product or service.

We take the time to assess the markets, the potential of your offer, the target audience to target… in order, ultimately, to establish relevant objectives and know what means to put in place to achieve them. Once again, efficiency comes first when it comes to growing your business.