Strategic support

An accurante strategy for each objective

Does your company want to expand abroad, is targeting important customers or a specific market? Arcadia Consulting makes every effort to achieve your goal. We offer you optimal support in order to create an appropriate action plan. Our company listens to your desires, your project, but also your personality. We take the pulse on site to develop relevant strategies according to your needs. Our challenge: your success. Whatever you want, we make it happen.

We make every effort and bring you all our experience to achieve your goals !

Creation of a network of agents and importers

A network in twenty countries

Does your company have desires elsewhere? Do you want to develop your business abroad but do not have the necessary contacts? Thanks to its commercial experience throughout the world, Arcadia Consulting has the possibility of setting up a real network of importers in about twenty different countries.

Whether you are starting from scratch or already have a product in place, we provide you with all our references to find the people who will be the best relays for your company abroad.

management of a network of agents and importers

A network of agents and importers is like an internal sales team. Although they are abroad, they work for the development of your business. It is therefore important to define specific objectives and implementation. Just as we manage a sales team, Arcadia Consulting supports the support of your entire network.

in permanent contact

We are in constant contact, evaluate strategies, adapt them and define clear and quantified objectives. Our experience as a business developer around the world ensures you have the right approach regardless of location.

development of major accounts

Want to grow your business? Dare to aim big! Arcadia Consulting, through its experience and its privileged contacts, can help you to apply for important companies with which to collaborate. These large accounts may seem untouchable.

We know how to communicate with them and deal with those special relationships. Relationships and availability are essential to achieve concrete business. Our company offers you solutions to develop your strategy alongside them.